What is it exactly?

The FaveBot is a chrome extension, that once installed, will seamlessly integrate itself to Etsy’s Teams and allows you with a single click to either favorite and entire page 3, or an entire thread.

This would allow you to automatically catch up on your Favathons and other fave promos. Just click on the red button 1 and the FaveBot will go through the thread and spread the love.

The FaveBot also allows you to quickly browse through the thread 4, and set max faves per run 2 – meaning if you only want to fave 25 listings in a thread – simply let the FaveBot know and it will do this for you.

Sounds great! How do I use it?

That’s easy! Simply install it in your Chrome Browser by following <a href=”#”>this link</a>. Once its installed, head to any team’s thread and click and see the FaveBot appears on the right side.

Frequently Asked Questions

When in doubt, see the FAQ.
Would it need my Etsy password or email?

No! The app does not require for you to be logged in to it, and it does not need to connect to your Etsy profile. You do need to be logged in to Etsy in order to face listings.

Would it log or save anything?

Nope! the FaveBot do not log or save any data or your fave history. None of your information is being saved, and the app does not use any information for any form of monetization.


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