What is it exactly?

EtsyProbe is a Chrome Extension that, once added to your Chrome browser, will instantly generate an SEO report on any Etsy Listing with a single click.

This app does not require any password, and you don’t even have to be logged in into Etsy to use it. It does not manipulate or edit anything in Etsy – it only reads the data available and analyzes it.

EtsyProbe’s goal is to help you maximize your productivity and help you be as effective at optimizing your Listings as you could be, at least from an SEO standpoint.

On top of the generated Report, the Probe will calculate a rank for the Listing (0-100) based on multiple criterias, such as, tag count, tag usage, product description readability, title’s structure, links, faq and more.

This would allow you to quickly assess and improve your Listings SEO, make sure your shop is on top of the SEO game, and as a bonus, see what’s your competition is doing.

Sounds great! How do I use it?

That’s easy! Simply install it in your Chrome Browser by following this link. Once its installed, head to any Etsy Listing and click on the Probe’s icon at the top of your browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

When in doubt, see the FAQ.
Would it need my Etsy password or email?

No! You don’t need to login to EtsyProbe for it to work. It will not ask you for your password, email or any other credentials. You could even use it in incognito mode.

Would it log or save anything?

Nope! EtsyProbe will not keep any log, history or save any data that you use using EtsyProbe. Any of your probes would not be saved, EtsyProbe gives you total privacy, which means that I also don’t use any of the data for advertising or other forms of revenue.

Why do you charge money for it?

Because I believe its totally worth it 🙂 It saved hours and hours of constant back and forth, switching tabs, switching programs and copy & pasting for me and other Shop owners. It also takes long time to develop, and I have a long list of features I would love to add for you. And last but not least, I don’t log any data, your emails or pollute your space with advertising for revenue like other services do 🙂

I'm clicking on the icon but nothing happens :/

If this happens, please let me know! This might happen because each time you click on the probe icon, the probe asks Etsy for some data. Etsy have a limit for the amount of requests possible, and we just might crossed that limit. Trying again should solve the issue, but please let me know as well, so I can increase that limit.

Can I use it in the admin area?

Yes! You can use EtsyProbe while editing a listing, it will analyze that listing and show you the results. That’s a great way to quickly perfect your listing’s SEO.

I get 'EtsyProbe would like to:' window after install, why?

EtsyProbe needs permission to see what kind of license you have for it, if its free trial, full license or no license. Click Allow on this window – don’t worry, this permission don’t let EtsyProbe do anything but check the license 🙂


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